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Welcome to Zeno Law Office, P.C.

With a rich legacy spanning 17 years, we are proud to be Chicago's leading law firm specializing in comprehensive legal representation for homeowners, landlords, property managers, and real estate investors throughout Chicagoland.

Our firm was founded in 2006 with a strong passion for advocating on behalf of real estate consumers, providing them with the highest quality representation and solutions tailored to their specific needs. As we celebrate the launch of our new website, let us take a closer look at who we are, what we do, and how we have made a positive impact on the real estate community.

Advocating for Real Estate Consumers

At Zeno Law Office, P.C., we have built our reputation by zealously advocating for our clients. We understand the complexities and challenges that real estate consumers face, and we are dedicated to ensuring their rights are protected. Throughout our journey, we have successfully handled over 2500 real estate transactions, enabling our clients to navigate through the intricate legal processes with confidence and peace of mind.

Eviction Expertise

One area in which we specialize is evictions. We have completed over 1500 successful evictions for our clients, utilizing our effective and experienced process. Our skilled team works tirelessly to recover possession of your property in an efficient and lawful manner. With our highest quality representation, we have assisted numerous landlords, property managers, and homeowners in resolving tenant-related issues, ensuring a fair and just outcome.

Real Case Studies

Real-life case studies highlight the tangible impact we have made on the lives of real estate consumers in Illinois, specifically in Chicago. Take, for example, the case of a homeowner facing foreclosure due to financial difficulties. Our dedicated attorneys provided foreclosure defense, helping the homeowner navigate the legal complexities and ultimately securing a favorable outcome, allowing them to retain their home.

Memberships with Leading Associations

We are proud members of several prestigious legal associations, including the Illinois Bar Association, the Cook County Bar Association, and the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association. These memberships reflect our commitment to staying updated on the latest legal developments, networking with industry professionals, and continuously enhancing our expertise to better serve our clients.

  • The Illinois Bar Association: This association brings together legal professionals from various practice areas, fostering collaboration and promoting excellence in the legal community. As members, we benefit from access to valuable resources, educational opportunities, and a network of esteemed colleagues.

  • The Cook County Bar Association: Specifically dedicated to attorneys in Cook County, this association focuses on promoting diversity, community service, and professional growth. Our involvement allows us to connect with local legal professionals and engage in initiatives that positively impact our community.

  • The Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association: As a member of this association, we are part of a network of professionals dedicated to advancing the practice of real estate law in Illinois. We stay up to date with industry trends, participate in continuing education programs, and collaborate with fellow attorneys to better serve our clients' real estate needs.

Comprehensive Legal Services

At Zeno Law Office, P.C., we offer a wide range of specialized services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients:

  1. Evictions (to recover possession of your property): With our extensive experience in eviction proceedings, we guide landlords, property managers, and homeowners through the legal process, ensuring their rights are protected and their properties are reclaimed.

  2. Real Estate Closings: Our skilled attorneys handle all aspects of real estate transactions, providing comprehensive representation in purchase and sale closings, lease agreements, title examinations, and more.

  3. Code Violations Defense: We understand the complexities of code violations and work diligently to help clients resolve these issues effectively, ensuring compliance and mitigating penalties.

  4. Business Entities: Our firm assists clients in establishing and maintaining various business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, offering guidance on compliance, contracts, and business transactions.

  5. Foreclosure Defense: We advocate for homeowners facing foreclosure, employing effective strategies to protect their rights, explore alternatives, and pursue favorable outcomes.

  6. Land Trusts: We provide guidance on establishing land trusts, which can offer privacy, asset protection, and estate planning benefits for real estate investors.

As Chicagoland's top law firm for landlords, property managers, and homeowners, Zeno Law Office, P.C. is committed to providing exceptional legal representation. With our wealth of experience, dedication, and membership in leading legal associations, we are well-equipped to serve the diverse needs of real estate consumers.


Whether you require assistance with evictions, real estate transactions, code violations, business entities, foreclosure defense, or land trusts, our team of seasoned attorneys is here to guide you through every step of the legal process. Contact us today to experience the Zeno Law Office, P.C. difference.


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