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If not managed accurately, the eviction process in Cook County can be can be complex and time-consuming,


Our experience and very high success rate will provide you with the highest quality representation. It is our goal and priority that you recover possession of your property as soon as possible, while being well informed during each stage of the eviction process.  Stop losing money!  Start your eviction case now so we can help you regain possession of your property.





The Eviction Plan offers the landlord a piece of mind knowing that an experienced eviction attorney will review the case and draft the proper eviction notice and affidavit in preparation for filing the eviction case.  The $350 cost of the Eviction Plan will serve as a deposit toward the Eviction Action.

This option includes:

  1. A One Hour Consultation

  2. The proper eviction notice

  3. The affidavit of service

  4. An inspection notice, if applicable

The Eviction Plan option does not include court filing.

Includes Court Costs



The Eviction Action is the end solution to the landlord's problem.

To evict a tenant in Illinois, an Eviction Order must be signed by a circuit court judge and placed with the Sheriff Eviction Unit.  Only the Sheriff Eviction Unit can lawfully evict tenants.

This option includes:

  1. Consultation throughout the entire court process

  2. The proper eviction notice

  3. The affidavit of service

  4. An inspection notice, if applicable

  5. Draft and file eviction court documents

  6. All court appearances 

  7. Obtain the eviction order and money judgement ( if applicable )

  8. File eviction order with the Sheriff Eviction Unit  

To begin the eviction process, please submit the following documentation and purchase either the eviction plan or eviction action.

Reason for eviction
Upload Eviction Notice
Upload Lease


This Eviction Plan (does not include court filing)


$1250 attorney fee plus $519 in court costs

Please select your plan

Thank you for purchasing one of our plans.  We will be in touch shortly.



Hire our experienced attorneys for your eviction matter. Having little or no experience in filing evictions in Cook County is risky. Eviction laws and processes change over time. Incorrectly filing an eviction case can cost a landlord plenty of lost time and money.

  • Incorrectly filing an eviction case or serving the wrong eviction notice can get your eviction case dismissed.

  • An eviction notice must be served on the tenant in a manner prescribed by law prior to filing the eviction case.

  • The type of eviction notice to be served on the tenant depends on the reason for the eviction.

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  • Timelines for eviction cases vary as court processes and laws change from time to time.

  • The Cook County Sheriff will enforce eviction orders in the winter as long as its 15 degrees and above.

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